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Jacqui's Journal

original, huh?

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Wouldn't it be good if we could hop a flight to anywhere?
- Sheryl Crow



Mostly friendly single mum, new house owner, devoted Veronica Mars and slavish Joss Whedon fan (I'm not obsessed, I'm just intensely focused), now with Once Upon A Time attachments and other added fandoms! Add me as a friend, I'm an attention ho, but a quiet one. Let me know who you are, though. No, people, I'm serious here. WHO ARE YOU? Tell me before I add you back.

Most of my fic isn't posted at this journal, so much as the communities, but all my fic can be found in my very handy-dandy masterlists... there's one for every major (recent) fandom. Check them out: <Firefly>, <Veronica Mars>, <Heroes> and <Once Upon A Time>.

I don't have a current site for my fanvids at the moment, but maybe that will change soon. If you'd really like one, comment on any of my posts and I'll hook you up.

My newest Sheryl Crow background and layout is by me! ME! I did it! My Sheryl Crow mood theme is by a very unartistic me, wily_one24) and I think I finally have it how I like it. Yay. Poe quote banner by sunlitdays.


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