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The love!!

Wow. I suck at livejournal lately. Things have just been insane in real life at the moment, I can't even.

Uni has gotten stressful. Not in the way of being hard, it's just three full days a week, which is not as part time as I'd hoped, but I am still having a ball. The boys are awesome, as always. I am fairly well.

You know what's really awesome?

My fic has gotten presents! Yes! Presents! SO MANY picsets and one vid trailer. Omg! You guys! With only one chapter before the end, this is amazing.

I know a lot of you aren't into OUaT, but dude. My fic is getting presents. Check them out!

"Paint It Black" inspired fanart:

belleways for the beautiful picset inspired by this fic, found here.

Let's not forget lovelylittlethings12 for the gorgeous picsets also inspired by this fic. : here and especially here. Don't miss the flashbacks of Emma and Regina.

And this brilliance by Natasi: so pretty.

And, last but not least, a vid trailer!

Summary: This isn't about gentleness or pleasure or sex, this is about frustration and need and revenge.

Tags: bragging like a boss, fic, once upon a time
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