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I have no excuse...

Yeah, I have no excuse. None.

Because there is a vast lack of any good tv at the moment, I have been looking for something to numb my brain. AND, couple that with the fact that looking at Regina/Emma fic apparently makes tumblr think I am gay as fuck... tumblr has been heavily promoting the show Rizzoli & Isles to me.

Tonight, I figured why not? It couldn't hurt. Let's get the first epi and see where we go.

Holy crap! Why did no one tell me this was on?

Also... I can't... I have no words... I am so ashamed. About twenty minutes in (and I am proud of myself for waiting this long, usually when a new show comes on, I am *straight* to imdb) I had to look at imdb to place everyone. Specifically Maura Isles. Because... hello... familiar. Huh, Sasha Alexander, I know that name...

And then I facepalmed.

How the heck did I not recognise my baby?!??!?!

CAITLIN, it's YOU!!!!
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