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Ok, I solved the issue completely... by leaving youtube altogether and joining the wonderful word of vimeo. Wooooo.

And VIMEO has now cancelled my account. I give up.

As such, I've been on an uploading spree and have so far uploaded 8 of my fave VM vids. All of which are handily embedded for you under the cut. Isn't that nifty?

Even if you've seen them before, come watch them again! And if you haven't... please do so. I love comments (why, yes, I am a feedback whore, love me, love me, feed my addiction).

Included: Tale As Old As Time, Hotel California, Eat It, Pretty When You Cry, Tell On You (Letter To My Rapist), She Says, You Oughtta Know, White Wedding. There are still three more to do, but that'll happen eventually...
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