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Okay, I give up. I'm obviously insane. (I'm going to go post in the Everyone Thinks I'm Insane-O's Home Journal). Ahem, anyway...

My Very Own Elle Table.

And, you know, if anyone of my visually inclined flisters were to perhaps make me an Elle banner for this? I would bake you cyber cookies!

Note: This is not for any particular prompt community, I wanted to do an Elle table and Elle was already claimed at the communities I looked at. Hence, I'm making my own. Sue me. You know the drill, 100 fic(lets) of at least 100 words (pfft, probably in their thousands. I mean, seriously, we all remember THIS, don't we?).


Fandom: Heroes.
Character: Elle.
Author: Jacqui, wily_one24
Spoilers: Everything shown in the US.
Rating: Differs, each prompt has their own, from G to NC17. Please take note, if this is going to bother you.
Diclaimer: Heroes ain't mine. Elle Bishop ain't mine. Anyone who thinks or suspects otherwise must never have met my broke ass.

001.Lies 002.Truth 003.Eclipse 004.Power
005.Hot 006.Challenge 007.Lust 008.Separation
009.Fire 010.Anger 011.Jealousy 012.Float
013.Grief 014.Past 015.Company 016.Current
017.Desire 018.Broken 019.Distance 020.Still
021.Lonely 022.Fever 023.Day 024.Night
025.Business 026.Spark 027.Light 028.Shadow
029.Time 030.Coffin 031.Proximity 032.Tenative
033.Blood 034.Contact 035.Touch 036.Death
037.Shock 038.Electricity 039.Dusk 040.Midnight
041.Discovery 042.Monsters 043.Curious 044.Understanding
045.Illuminate 046.Need 047.Forgiveness 048.Direction
049.Stare 050.Resurrection 051.Destruction 052.Battle
053.Faded 054.Color 055.Colorless 056.Sizzle
057.White 058.Longing 059.Puppet 060.Birthday
061.Music 062.Sleight-of-hand 063.Desperation 064.Ocean
065.Vast 066.Empty 067.Choices 068.Loneliness
069.Lost 070.Found 071.Fall 072.Solitude
073.Myth 074.Sound 075.Attitude 076.Darken
077.Terror 078.Enemy 079.Indigestion 080.Lover
081.Freedom 082.Nature 083.Eternity 084.Gold
085.Water 086.Hero 087.Villain 088.Soul
089.Stealthy 090.Dream 091.Visions 092.Tingle
093.Earth 094.Regret 095.Mock 096.Confrontation
097.Ice 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

Progress: 010/100
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