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So, it's been a while...

Hey Everybody!!

I posted a few weeks ago and I said I would make a larger post detailing what I've been up to, the boys and the like.

It's been over a year since I've posted regularly and I'm sorry for that. I just kinda dropped off the livejournal radar. I've been extremely active over at tumblr, if anyone is over there and wants to follow me. My name is, as always, wily_one24

Now, onto the harder stuff... and a pic or two...

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I guess I'll talk to you soon!!
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Hello Again

Um... so... I know it's been over a year since I posted, but I've been dipping my feet back into LJ again.

Anyone here remember me?

Also... wtf is with the new posting format? I do not like it.

Maybe I might start posting again, who knows?
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The love!!

Wow. I suck at livejournal lately. Things have just been insane in real life at the moment, I can't even.

Uni has gotten stressful. Not in the way of being hard, it's just three full days a week, which is not as part time as I'd hoped, but I am still having a ball. The boys are awesome, as always. I am fairly well.

You know what's really awesome?

My fic has gotten presents! Yes! Presents! SO MANY picsets and one vid trailer. Omg! You guys! With only one chapter before the end, this is amazing.

I know a lot of you aren't into OUaT, but dude. My fic is getting presents. Check them out!

"Paint It Black" inspired fanart:

belleways for the beautiful picset inspired by this fic, found here.

Let's not forget lovelylittlethings12 for the gorgeous picsets also inspired by this fic. : here and especially here. Don't miss the flashbacks of Emma and Regina.

And this brilliance by Natasi: so pretty.

And, last but not least, a vid trailer!

Summary: This isn't about gentleness or pleasure or sex, this is about frustration and need and revenge.

secrets jaylee

Huh. Well, there you go.

Alright people, buckle up.

This is about as honest and revealing and personal as I get. It doesn't happen often, so... don't worry, you won't have to deal with this again. Probably. This is your final warning, TMI emotional revealing crap. Don't look if you can't deal with it.

I have a whole lot of shit to say and it's mostly stuff in my head I'm trying to get out, so I don't promise it will be in any kind of linear order, or even make sense, just... go with it.

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favourite fanfic. Shits over 50 Shades of Grey in BDSM and just ASDFGHJKL:”

See? Creative feedback is AWESOME.

I mean, yes, I am insanely glad my fic is better than a poorly written, mainstream, abuse-romanticism more vanilla than nilla wafers pulp bodice ripper, but still...**

I take my ego boosts where I can get 'em.

** (Still not quite sure how an actual dub-con, torture porn fic is *less* abusive than a supposedly 'romantic' trilogy, but... there you have it).
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Are you high?

Is everyone here really stoned?

I was in class yesterday, the class in which I am the only student, and my instructor and I were talking in what basically amounts to a grown up version of 'show and tell'. Basically, we show each other what books we have and extol their virtues on why they're the best Trigger Point/Orthopaedic Examination/Muscle Atlas/Reflexology/Aromatherapy/etc Manual we have and I was also showing her the mock-ups I'd done for a muscle/trigger point manual I've been working on (because, fuck this shit, each book is 600+ pages of esoteric info and all I need is one page per muscle to showcase the origins/insertions/actions and the corresponding trigger points for each) and then, in midst of all our mutual appreciation (God, I love Tuesdays). She was all, out of the blue...

"Have you ever thought about teaching?"

And I was all. "Um... wha? Like, I know I'm the only other person in the room here, but... are you talking to me?"

"You have everything you need here to teach. I think you'd be really good at it."


People confuzzle me.
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I miss you!

I am a schmuck and have been avoiding livejournal.

I'm going through a pretty big internal shift right now that's playing havoc with my emotional radar. In other words, I have this big huge personal revealy, angsty post I am planning, but am not quite ready to post yet.

So I avoid.

It's what I do.

I do miss livejournal, though, and all my pretty babies. What's up, guys, have I missed anything?
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Oh, you think you can brain wash my son into liking football and barracking for your team, do you?

Fine. That's just fine.

But he lives with me. So congratulations. You now have a two year old son who can recognise by sight the Village People and will sing and attempt the hand motions to YMCA.

That is all.
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How I lost the war (parenting 4/100)

Yeah, like anyone thinks I'm getting to 100 at this point.


The Ben10 war. I have lost it. I dont regret it. I ceded, completely, happily and am actually glad for it.

That said, I still don't like Ben10, I think it's an awful show, I think the contents are grossly inappropriate for kids and I think they aggressively market this show to pre-schoolers when it is obviously made for older children.

That said...

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