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VM Fic Masterlist.

Yup, this is all there is. Just for interests (and convenience) sake I've decided to put it all in one place, one handy dandy resource. Ooooooooh.

NOTE: Sorry to say, but I am currently not writing in the VM fandom anymore. All unfinished fics are likely to remain unfinished.

Crossovers (ongoing):

GIRL IN THE MIRROR. R. Veronica/Sylar, a Veronica Mars/Heroes crossover. NOT a 'shippy fic. Set two years after the VM finale and a months after Heroes season three. Sylar mistakes a certain intrepid PI for his dead girlfried. Badness happens in the aftermath. Last updated: 10 February 2010
Chapters: <one> <two> <three>, <four>

Series (ongoing):

Sequel to "Sleep, Perchance...". Pre-series, the Logan/Veronica relationship developes past tentative truces and mistrust. PG-13 to R (maybe higher) overall. WIP, last updated: 08/October/2009.

Ch: <one>, <two>, <three>, <four>, <five>, <six>, <seven>.

Post S2 finale. Rewrite of the original "Revenge". Hard R to NC-17, not the good kind. Graphic violence, issues of rape. Veronica. Lamb. Not 'shippy. Sometimes *very* bad things happen to good people. WIP: last updated: 23/December/2009.

<Ch 1>, <Ch 2>, <Ch 3>, <Ch 4>, <Ch 5>, <Ch 6>.

Future fic, a few years post S3. What happens when the tenuous relationship between Logan and Veronica is interrupted by the introduction of an old friend? Logan/Veronica. Casey/Veronica. NC-17. WIP: last updated 22 September 2008.

Ch 1. Silver and Cold
Ch 2. In Sombre Resplendence.
Ch 3. Your Sins Into Me (Oh, My Beautiful One).

Series (complete):

Sequel to "Fear and Loathing in Neptune, California". Early Season One, sometime after “You Think You Know Somebody” and before “An Echolls Family Christmas”, take your pick. Logan investigates the reasons behind that night and chases a repeat. NC-17 overall. Completed: 15/August/2008.

Ch: <1>, <2>, <3>.

Pre-Series fic. A look into the after affects of Shelley's party. PG-13 overall. Completed: 02/May/2006.
1.Keith. 2. Logan. 3. Duncan. 4. Veronica. Plus, an added meme 'update' look from 'An Echolls Family Christmas' fic prompt.

Post S2 finale, taking place in the time between the rooftop and the spinny hallway kisses. PG-13 - R, overall. Logan/Veronica. ANGST warning. Like woah. Completed: 24/June/2006
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen. Plus, an added six month update fic prompt.

Post S2 finale. Hard R (and not the good kind, graphic violence). Veronica. Lamb. Not 'shippy. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Completed: 29/Oct/2006
Parts: one and two, plus an added three month update fic prompt.

Post S2 finale. Somebody is really messing with Veronica's head. PG-13 - R overall. Not particularly 'shippy, but L/V throughout. COMPLETED: 14/Feb/2007.

<ch 1>, <ch 2>, <ch 3>, <ch 4>, <ch 5>, <ch 6>, <ch 7>, <ch 8> and <ch 9>.

One Off, Stand Alones:

- "Pathetically Poetic": 11/May/2006. R, dark themes. Veronica. Cassidy. S2 finale spoilers.
- "Neptune CA, Mother's Club": 04/July/2006. pg-13. A look at the stellar maternal instincts in Neptune.
- "First Date of Sorts": 27/July/2006. G. Future Logan/Veronica.
- "Stretched Taut": 10/August/2006. NC-17. Logan/Veronica/Weevil. PWP threesome smut, not a plot in sight.
- "Sleep, Perchance..." 14/Sep/2006. R. Pre-Logan/Veronica. Pre-series AU.
- "Slippery Slope": 11/Nov/2006. pg-13. Veronica-centric. Hints of Logan/Veronica, Weevil/Veronica, Piz/Veronica. Issues of adultery and emotional turmoil. Plus an added Weevil's POV fic prompt, with a fic commentary here..
- "She": 17/Nov/2006. pg-13. Veronica, third season issues of rape/obsession.
- "Courting Disaster": 24/Nov/2006. pg-13. Logan-centric, issues of abuse.
- "What Being A Good Boy Will Get You": 17/Dec/2006. Veronica/Lamb. NC-17, D/s smutfic. And the fic commentary: <pt 1> and <pt 2>
- "Fear and Loathing in Neptune, California": 19/Jan/2007. Veronica/Logan. NC-17. Veronica Mars was going to get herself laid. And the fic commentary here
- "The Last Laugh": 27/Feb/2007. Keith, Cliff, Veronica. PG-13. Set post 4.13 'Mars Bars'. A 'discussion' between the three.
- "The Ghost and Mrs Mars": 31/March/2007. NC-17. Veronica/Logan, Lamb. Set post 3.14 'Mars Bars'. If she had to face her truths, so did he.
- "The Tender Bruise": 21/May/2007. Veronica/Logan. R, language and dark themes. Parallel AU of S1, their's is not a happy relationship.
- "Bruises In The Mirror": 06 January 2008. Logan/Veronica. R. Companion piece to "The Tender Bruise".
- "Breaking The Girl": 21 April 2008. Veronica. Logan. R. Set pre-series. Logan breaks the girl. Not a 'shipper fic.
- "Spoonful of Sugar": 28 December 2008. Veronica/Logan. R. Icecream, summer, few clothes... very much a 'shipper fic.
- "Strain": 28 June 2009. NC17. Veronica/Troy. Written for kinkbingo, 'bondage: held down'. It's smutty and bondage-ey.
- "Smoke And...": 18 July 2009. NC17. Veronica/Logan. Written for kinkbingo, 'mirrors'. It's smut, with a mirror.
- "Deep, Deep Down Where the Darkness Dwells". 27 July 2009. NC17. Veronica/Lamb. Written for kinkbingo, 'tentacles'. Lamb is an octopus, not AU.
- "Sweet Like Honey", 16 August 2009. R. Veronica/Mac. Written for kink bingo. Operation debauche Mac.

- "Wood Grain", 07 October 2009. R. Veronica/Casey. Written for kink bingo. Veronica was never this desperate.

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